Digital Marketing Services

Integrity Payments is focused on Growing your Business, expediting your ROI utilizing Digital Marketing Services, and assisting you in gaining New Customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Back Link Analysis Backlinks are the links from other sites that point to your site, these links help you rank higher in search engines google. The more links you have from reputable sites the higher your site will rank.
On-Site SEO Practice of optimizing elements on your website in order to rank higher and earn more traffic from search engines
Off-Site SEO Gets rid of bad backlinks hurting your site ranking and increases your ranking with authoritative links.

Ad Campaigns

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads

Creative Services

Logo Design
Brochure Design
Flyer Design, Much more

Social Media Marketing


Content Writing

SEO By Keyword(s)

Research & Blog Writing You give us the topics, we will do the research for you, and upon your approval we will write your blogs
Topic Research/Article Writing Pick the topic, we’ll do the research and write the article for you based upon your approval.